Regional Tourism Planning

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Regional Studies – Ecosign has been retained by several governments to assess vast regions of countries searching for areas suitable for potential mountain resorts. The study areas have been entire mountain ranges up to 22,200 square kilometers in size. The preliminary step is a Technical Assessment of the study area’s physiographic and climatic conditions utilizing satellite data. The next phase includes defining preferred zones and then more detailed plans are created.

Connection Studies – There is a current trend all over the world to connect adjacent ski areas to create a larger ski circus with more terrain and variety. Originally developed in France and Austria, these large, inter-connected ski circuses are more attractive to destination customers who can stay in the hotel or village of their choice and benefit from a huge region for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. The large ski circuses are also attractive to day visitors who can access a number of ski fields from the access portal closest to their home. Advances in lift technology and the trend to all season use have increased the technical and economic viability of these types of resort to resort connections. In the summer the aerial connections offer fantastic access to sightseeing and hiking in the alpine.

Transportation Studies – Ecosign is a leader in providing innovative solutions for the unique transportation challenges facing mountain resorts. By analyzing land-use data and on-site survey information, Ecosign documents the “motivation for movement” in resort communities. By integrating new skier staging facilities with existing resort land uses and introducing “state of the art” transportation technologies, Ecosign has assisted both new and established mountain resort communities achieve increased visitor growth targets, while reducing congestion and pressure on the environment.

Aerial Sightseeing & People Mover Lifts – Sightseeing lifts provide an opportunity for the general public to access scenic mountain terrain, while Urban Aerial People Mover lifts can help to mitigate transportation congestion in urban centers. Ecosign can evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of aerial sightseeing and people mover lift systems and then develop a master plan concept for their installation. Our extensive experience with aerial cableway and lift system technology aids us in the selection of the optimal alignment and equipment configuration.


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