Burnaby Mountain Translink Gondola

Project Details
LocationBurnaby, BC
Master Plan Completed2022
Services Rendered Regional Tourism Planning

In the spring of 2020, Ecosign was retained to provide an evaluation of alternative ropeway alignments for the proposed Burnaby Mountain Gondola which will move people between the TransLink’s Sky Train station and the Simon Fraser University Campus in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. The Visual Presence Analysis was prepared by assessing existing residential and industrial buildings within a 100-meter setback from the edge of the 20-meter gondola right-of-way. While the gondola and towers may be visible to some extent from areas beyond the defined 100-meter threshold, the purpose of the Visual Presence Analysis provides quantitative and graphic data to establish a relative comparison between the three gondola alignment options relating to their visual presence in adjacent development. Ecosign provided three alignment options which was ultimately agreed upon with the best option.

The Route Selection Report was shared with Burnaby City Council, the Mayors’ Council and TransLink’s Board of Directors in summer 2021. The Mayors’ Council and TransLink’s Board identified Route 1 as the preferred route, and Burnaby City Council endorsed the Route 1 option in January 2022.

Burnaby Mountain Gondola Project