Donald J. Murray

Senior Vice President

Mr. Murray has over 40 years of experience in ski resort management and operation, mountain design, construction management, mountain planning, ski area construction, terrain modification and slope revegetation, drainage control, financial analysis and resort feasibility, as well as operational experience in varying capacities throughout his ski related work experience. Mr. Murray has held senior supervisory and management positions in all facets of ski resort operations.

As Ecosign’s Senior Vice President, Mr. Murray has been directly involved in all aspects of the resort design, operations planning and consulting. Planning work has included mountain and base area planning for major competitive events at Sierra Nevada (1996 World Championships), St Anton (2001 World Championships) and Snowbasin at Salt Lake City (2002 Winter Olympic Games). Additionally, he was responsible for the design and layout of all ski trails at the 1988 Winter Olympic site, Nakiska Ski Resort, and assisted in the design of terrain modifications required for the Olympic events. Mr. Murray also completed the FIS Homologation surveys and documentation of all Alpine Ski Courses used for the 1988 Olympics. Mr. Murray has also been involved in Ecosign’s planning of the 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi Olympic Alpine skiing facilities.

Other resort planning work has included mountain and base area planning work in 35 countries of the world, including mountain master plans, detailed village designs, feasibility studies for mountain resort communities, capital budgets and financial and market forecasts. Mr. Murray also is very knowledgeable in resort economic and financial planning and has been the author of the Canada West Annual Economic Survey and Analysis since 1987. He has undertaken numerous presentations on ski resort planning, operations, and financial analysis in both North America and Asia. Mr. Murray holds a degree in Science from the University of British Columbia.