“Snow Paradise Hasliberg – Titlis”

The ski resorts of Hasliberg, in the Bernese Oberland, with Engelberg-Titlis, and the Melchsee-Frutt ski area in Central Switzerland are planning to connect their ski slopes. In connecting these three medium size ski areas, the new “Snow Paradise Hasliberg – Titlis” will become one of the biggest ski and snowboard wonderlands found in the Alps. To fulfil this dream, four companies will have to build eight brand new chairlifts and one ski tunnel. The final realization of this venture will be completed within the next seven to ten years.

With a total of 51 lifts and cable cars, and over 210 kilometres of downhill runs, the new “Snow Paradise Hasliberg – Titlis” will be one of the biggest ski areas of the Alps. The following four companies will work together in a joint venture to bring this project to life:Aerial Cableways Titlis Rotair, Engelberg

  • Aerial Cableways Melchsee-Frutt
  • Hasliberg-Kaeserstatt
  • Aerial Cableways Meiringen-Hasliberg

The famous Canadian ski resort planner, Paul Mathews, of Ecosign Mountain Resort Planners Ltd in Whistler, B.C., Canada, performed an evaluation of the technical feasibility of this project. The result of this survey predicts total and complete success for the proposed merger. The cost of connecting these three ski resorts is estimated at approximately 48 million Swiss Francs to a maximum of 59 million Swiss Francs.

Until March 2004, all interested parties are invited for a consultation. We will keep you informed about the steps to come in the future.